Insolvency Solutions

With the many years of experience in complicated and sophisticated financial cases, the attorneys at Weissberg and Associates are adept at representing the financially distressed business and consumer client, whether in a bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy context, as well as the creditor seeking to enforce its rights against the debtor and his assets.

With a well-earned reputation for expeditiously resolving problems with credit facilities, the firm is heavily involved in bank “work-outs,” where the lawyer steps into an active dispute, and working cooperatively with the financial institution, fashions an “exit strategy” or forbearance arrangement to resolve the Lender’s enforcement action short of extreme financial dislocation or bankruptcy.

The firm has a reputation for being highly successful in intervention with taxing authorities, especially the IRS, as well as two experts in mortgage foreclosure, fraudulent conveyance and preference litigation.

Because of Ariel Weissberg’s broad experience with real estate litigation, litigation in transactions, and working with mortgage companies and credit facilities, he is sought out for his skill in real estate reorganizations, re-structuring failing real estate developments, and formulating strategies for the acquisition of distressed real property.

Ariel speaks frequently in the Chicago area concerning financial distress and all aspects of insolvency.