General Counsel

An experienced lawyer can be a critical member of a management team, and can add substantial value to a business.

Business relationships and the conduct of business within today’s highly competitive and regulated environment requires that management have continuing access to experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who understand the complex inner-workings of the company, and the dynamics of the company’s context within its industry, the market place, and the regulatory environment in which the company operates.

Ariel Weissberg’s broad professional experience — especially in restructuring distressed companies — and his sound judgment, have made him highly sought-after in his role as General Counsel to businesses, both small and large; working closely with management to evaluate and consummate qualified business opportunities, and to resolve efficiently challenges encountered along the way.

Unlike many lawyers who take a narrow — “legalistic” — view of business matters, Ariel is widely known and respected for his grasp of the complex interplay between legal issues and broader business concerns and challenges. Beyond problem solving, Ariel proactively practices “problem-avoidance”, and enables his clients to advance more efficiently and with greater vision.

Ariel takes deserved pride in the diverse businesses that he serves a key member of the management team. He invites you to contact him directly to discuss how he might be an asset to your business.