Business Litigation

No one wants to hire a “wimpy” litigator. We are aggressive, passionate and fearless, but ethical and cordial.

Litigation is a battle, and success in battle requires a dynamic strategy that has sufficient flexibility to allow for adjustments as the battle progresses. The client is a full partner in formulating and adjusting this strategy. Litigation is trial preparation (how do I win), and not the often-needless progression of expensive motion practice and discovery — meaning: determine at the front-end of the case the identity of witnesses, to what they will testify, and what documents do we have or need to support their testimony.

We gather the facts and the arguments early because the better prepared lawyer can react faster than his opponent and is more likely to prevail. We strive to never underestimate our opponents — or overestimate the judge’s grasp of our positions.

Weissberg & Associates litigates in all state and federal courts in Illinois, with a concentration in business and real estate litigation, and in the Federal Courts of North Carolina, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

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